Popular Variants of Rummy Around the World

Rummy is one of the most popular card based games available to play across the world right now. This game requires you to meld cards in the right combinations to beat your opponents. The game has its origins way back in the 19th century and has undergone tremendous transformations before being the game that we know today. Even now, there are a number of different variants of this popular card based game available to play across the world. You can start playing rummy online to learn about these variants. Let’s take a look at the variants of rummy:

Contract Rummy

One of the most popular variants of Rummy is Contract Rummy. It involves 3-8 players playing in seven different deals. The rules are such that the number of cards you will receive in each deal would be different from the other deals in the match. However, you would still have to create valid sequences and sets to win the deal. Also, the calculation of points in Contract Rummy is different in comparison to other Rummy variants. The face cards such as Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points each while 15 points are awarded for Ace and Joker cards.


Shanghai Rummy

This variant of the card game has its origin in China and is a hybrid between Contract and Gin Rummy games. The major difference between it and Contract Rummy is the amount of deals one have to play in order to win the match. While there are just 7 deals in Contract Rummy, Shanghai Rummy includes 10 deals. Other major differences include the option to ‘Buy’ a card without your turn by discarding one of your cards and picking another one from the pile. Also, the Joker card can be used in replacing missing cards in sets of 3 or 4 cards and cannot be used in larger sets.

Gin Rummy

If you are looking for a one-on-one Rummy game variant, then Gin Rummy is the perfect choice for you. The game is as simple as it can get, and requires you to score 100 points as soon as possible. Point scoring in Gin Rummy is slightly different to the classical version of the game. The Ace card is used as a low priority card, and hence is not often melded with Queens and Kings. Unmatched cards or ‘Deadwoods’ can be discarded to reduce the impact if you suffer a loss in the game.

Dummy Rummy

This variant of the game has an altogether different rule set to play the game when compared to the other Rummy variants. Each player is dealt with 13 cards with the Joker wild card fixed as ‘2’. This means that all cards with rank ‘2’ in the four suits can act as Joker cards besides the usual Joker cards. All you need to do to win the game is to discard all the cards that you are dealt before any of your opponents do so. To get rid of your cards, you need to create valid sets and sequences in the game. When one player finishes his card set, all other players are penalized on the number of cards remaining with them, and the one with the least points at the end of 12 rounds wins.

The Last Words

Each variant of the classic rummy game mentioned here adds a different spice to this exciting card based game. Currently, playing Rummy online is getting popular day-by-day with each new variant of the game adding something new, fun and exciting to the game.