All You Need to Know About 4-mec

4-Methylethcathinone is a substance that bears a chemical semblance to mephedrone. Because of its resemblance to Mephedrone, it is imagined to be an entactogen and stimulant drug of the amphetamine, phenethylamine and cathinone chemical categories. It has been advertised alone or in combinations with other surrogated cathinones under the title ‘NRG-2’, even though, other mixtures like ‘NRG-1’ might have been more vague with their components. Most of the people use 4-mec as the active ingredient in scam delight pills in several of the nations like New Zealand.  The dosage is recommended by drug forums such as 100mg to 1g nasally, 100 to 500mg orally and 500mg intravenously.

Negative and positive side effects

There are so many user forums and sites that show reports on the side effects of this chemical. With these reports, you can come to know about the actual side effects of this chemical. The effects are analogous to but milder than most typical stimulants, the effects are increased energy, stimulation or euphoria, mood elevation, chilled body and relaxation, empathy, weird or tripped feel, and body high.


Most of the users feel body high along with the great amount of talkativeness, boosted tactile or libido or musical appreciation. These effects are considered as some good effects of using this chemical. Some studies report a wide range of negative effects on the body of a user, such as jitters or tremor, anxiety, confusion, weak or disappointing effects, nausea or vomiting, lethargy after its use and enhanced cravings, nasal pain, along with sweating and nystagmus experienced by several users.

How to get it?

Prior to using any type of chemical to have a delightful experience, then it is important to search a lot about it. As it has both the positive and negative side effects, you still want to buy it and it is your own wish. You can buy it from various legal and safe online chemical stores that offer you legal purchase of any types of research chemicals in an easy and quick manner. You need to be aware of some scam websites that only disappoints you by providing illegal products.